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The Power of Social Network

April 21, 2008

One morning, Ron is chatting with one of our Breakpoint WinTimer customers. He is asking if Ron knows someone knowledgeable in Microsoft Access. And Ron immediately said, ‘We can offer more than that.’

Connected by MikeblogsTracking back how a social network is formed from this conversation, it originated from a user of a stand-alone system using Microsoft Access as its database. The system encountered a problem and the user later found out that the developer of this software went out of the country for good. So the user informed her manager about the situation. The manager asked his internet cafe owner friend if he knows someone who can develop a new system for them. The internet cafe owner then asked Ron. And as a result of this chain of people trying to solve a user’s problem (actually, the whole organization’s problem), we were able to offer them a better solution. Instead of a stand-alone system, we offered a client-server setup to protect the organization’s data. And instead of Microsoft Access which the software giant announced that they stopped their support for this product, we offered them Microsoft SQL database.

We truly believe on the power of social network, and we continue investing on it.